You’ve Never Tasted Anything Like These 8 Unique Desserts In Southern California

Whoever said you can’t eat dessert first hasn’t yet tried these sweet treats in Southern California that are practically a meal all on their own. From unique ice cream concoctions to towering cakes, you’ll find a little something for everyone to make your sweet tooth do a happy dance. Do you have a favorite on this list?

This three layer cake is so beautiful you almost don’t want to bite into it and ruin its perfection. That is, until you take that first bite of cream and fresh berries and then you’re like, “Yeah, I’m eating the whole cake by myself.” With locations in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Encino and Newport Beach, you can find a location near you to tame your craving.
At first glance this looks like an oddly colored hot dog or panini, but it’s actually dessert at its finest. Start with a donut, then pick your ice cream and toppings and you’ll have a unique ice cream sandwich that totally lives up to the hype. Plus, the name Milky Bun is just good fun to say, so it has that going for it.
Watch liquid turn to ice cream at this unique shop that uses liquid nitrogen machines to whip up the freshest ice cream you’ve ever tasted. Dessert and chemistry? For the sake of science, you better check this out!

Who says pizza is just for dinner? This mouthwatering nutella calzone will make you want to skip dinner and go straight for dessert.
This sinfully decadent dessert is named after the King who was a fan of peanut butter and banana sandwiches. It starts with decadent peanut butter mousse, salty-sweet bacon brittle, caramelized bananas, chocolate pudding, and is finished off with chocolate sauce for an explosion of flavor that you must try at least once in your lifetime.
Nothing symbolizes a SoCal summer like a chocolate dipped banana from Dad’s in Newport Beach. Take one bite and you’ll instantly be transported back to childhood when you experienced this frozen treat for the first time.
Who can resist a key lime pie? Anyone? Anyone? Not me! Look at the beautiful peaks of meringue just waiting to be devoured. And the lime filling is the perfect balance of sweet and tart that will make your taste buds go wild. Must head to Fishing with Dynamite so you can dig in and take a bite.
For those times when your sweet tooth is feeling fancy, there’s nothing quite as perfect as this elegant and warm butter cake served at Mastro’s Steakhouse. It’s the signature dessert at this fine steakhouse, so go ahead and order it so you can officially be in the know as to why it’s so popular.

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