These 9 Restaurants In Southern California Have Fries So Good You Can’t Handle It

We’re on a bit of a food kick here at Only In Your State. Yesterday we were drooling over the best sandwiches in SoCal and earlier in the week our sweet tooth was going crazy over a bunch of decadent desserts. So what food item are we obsessing over today? Fries! Greasy fries, healthy fries, sweet potato fries, carne asada fries…and the list goes on. Want to join me on my quest for the best fries in Southern California? Here are the 9 spots that are on my “must eat today” list.

Fries aren’t just a side dish at Craft Burger, as they are hearty enough to be an entire meal. Take the Late Night Fries for example – layered with cheese, applewood bacon, green onions and creme fraiche. Or the Craft Fries – they can be ordered with any of the burger toppings on the menu for a fry masterpiece. No matter what you pick on the menu you really can’t go wrong as every single fry option looks absolutely delicious. Pictured here: The one and only Late Night Fries.
A little slice of Europe is what you’ll find at Pomme Frite in Palm Springs. This charming café will not only knock your socks off with ambience galore, but the fries at this spot are simple and elegant. If you love your fries perfectly crisped on the outside with a fluffy texture on the inside you’re going to love having these on your plate.
The waffle fries at Bruxie’s are one of their specialities. You can order them seasoned if you want them on the tame side, or if you’re feeling a little wild you might want to try the Irish Nachos which are waffle fries topped with cheese sauce, bacon, sour cream and chives. Pictured here: the always flavorful Irish Nachos.
Located in Koreatown, this gastropub has a legendary reputation for serving the most mouthwatering and memorable fries you’ll ever try. What’s so special about their fries? Wild combinations like fries served with a side of duck confit and raspberry aoli. Or how about the combo pictured here: pork cheek chili cheese fries served in a hot skillet. Seriously, the fries will make you question why you’ve bothered to order fried spuds anywhere else.

The Salted Pig in Riverside is a great find. Stellar ambience and outrageously good food. But how are the fries? Ummm…out of this world! Topped with sharp cheddar, parmesan, roasted pepper and herbs, these fries will make your mouth do a happy dance.
It’s hard not to love a restaurant on wheels, especially when they serve up some dee-lish garlic fries that make your taste buds go wild. Just look at all that fresh garlic! Crepe’n Around sure knows how to kick up the flavor on a plate of french fries.
The atmosphere at this Latin American hot spot in downtown Santa Ana is top notch. And the fries here will make you promise never to have any ordinary fries ever again. Layered with chorizo and beer cheese fonduta, your tummy will be satisfied with this giant plate of comfort food.
This place is what I like to call “casual glam.” It’s not too fancy and not to casual, but it’s juuuust right. And the french fries? Out of this world. Would you expect anything less from a plate of fries called Duckfat Truffle Fries? I think not.
Known for thick-cut Belgian frites served with homemade sauces that will put anything in a glass jar to shame, this spot knows how to fry up a sliced potato just right.

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