The One Wine You Can Drink All Summer Long

The One Wine You Can Drink All Summer Long photo

If you’re like Bon Appétit’s wine columnist Marissa Ross, you hunt down hard-to-find bottles, constantly try new stuff, and open your palate to unexpected flavors.

I’m not like Marissa Ross.

When I walk into a wine store, especially in the summer—say on the way to a backyard barbecue—I want to get in and get out.

This summer, my go-to wine is Txakoli (or Txakolina), a variety that’s much easier to drink than it is to pronounce (it’s “Cha-coli”).

A staple in the Basque region of Spain, Txakoli is bright, zingy, and slightly effervescent without veering into sparkling wine territory. There’s even a rosé version, naturally. It’s kind of like Zima but, you know, for the sophisticated Euro set.

Txakoli clocks in at a moderate alcohol level of about 10 percent, making it ideal for cocktail hour. That, and it goes really well with crispy tidbits and snacks.

Look for it at your local wine store, where it will likely cost about $20, and then go back for it again and again and again.

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A glass of Txakoli would pair nicely with grilled bacon—just sayin’:

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