Most People Don’t Know That Southern Illinois is The Nation’s New BBQ Hotspot

When most people think of great BBQ, they think of St. Louis, Memphis and Texas. So it might shock you to learn that Southern Illinois is quietly becoming the nation’s new BBQ hotspot. There are a bevy of BBQ restaurants, but 17th Street BBQ in Murphysboro is leading the charge.

It all starts with the owner, Mike Mills, a three-time Grand World Champion of BBQ. Yes, not best in Illinois, or the US, but the world. This dude is even in the BBQ Hall of Fame (yes, there is one). That’s how good the product is at 17th Street BBQ.

The meat is absolutely unreal. It starts with the seasoning, aptly named “magic dust.” The meats are expertly cooked. We would recommend eating absolutely everything here – that’s no joke. Definitely try the ribs, named the best in the United States. Get the pulled pork sandwich. Try all the sides. Seriously, they’re all awesome. And if you aren’t stuffed from all that food, eat the bread pudding. Actually, even if you are stuffed, power through and eat it. It’s magical.

So head down to Murphysboro and try this place out. You’ll be glad you did.

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