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Falling into the takeout-for-lunch habit is an easy trap: It’s just so easy. And no one wants to dedicate their morning or lunch-hour to preparing a feast. With a little foresight, however, you can save time and money by packing lunch ahead of time. We’re not talking kiddie PB&Js or lukewarm cold-cuts; we’re talking the building blocks for restaurant-caliber salads, soups, and sandwiches all week, so you can spend your break dishing gossip, not dashing out on a food run. Try out our five favorite lunch components from the videos below:

One-Minute Marinated Feta
If you have a jar, a fridge, some olive oil, and five minutes, you can make this quickie snack.

Food director Carla Lalli Music always keeps a few Mason jars of the stuff in her home fridge to have on hand whenever she wants to schmear it on crackers or crusty bread, crumble it onto a salad or a soup, or stuff it into an omelet. Follow her lead by prepping this in the morning and tossing it in the office fridge until lunch.

30-Minute Chicken Broth
This recipe promises gingery, carroty chicken broth with just the right balance of earthiness and sweetness, expedited thanks to a pressure cooker. Which, in turn, promises to inspire an obligatory verse of “Under Pressure.” As you croon, whip the broth into a Healthy Chicken Soup or heartier Tortilla Soup for tomorrow’s lunch.

Try these rosemary- and thyme-sprinkled croutons, toasted in olive oil, and never go back to the boxed stuff. Toss them in your next salad or crumble into a hot bowl of soup for a welcome crunch (hint: they go perfectly in our Classic Caesar Salad).

Homemade Chili Oil
Heat up any bland salad, grain bowl, or sandwich with this coriander- and garlic-infused chili oil.

Bonus: A Healthy Lunch Idea for the New Year: Homemade Bento Box
In case you missed it, these perfectly balanced lunches pack in-season vegetables, leafy greens, and a little protein, along with a sweet-and-sour note to round out the flavors.

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