It’s the Summer of Frosé

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This year, it’s no longer the summer of George, but the summer of frosé. Do you like Slurpees? Do you like rosé? Are you a relatively happy person who typically appreciates sunshine, other people’s grilling, and hammocks? Then yeah, you’re going to love frosé.

First off, you don’t need a million dollar blender. You don’t need an ice-cream machine, or Snoopy Sno-Cone machine. Although those Sno-Cone machines are pretty cool, and I’ve always wanted one. All you need is a bottle of bold, fruity rosé—this is NOT a moment for that nearly clear, Whispering Angel kind of rosé. Look for Pinot Noir or Merlot rosés, or ask your wine store guy for something full-bodied, bold, and “aggressive,” says Rick Martinez, senior food editor and the creator of this beautiful bev. It’s not the rosé you typically drink like water. It loses flavor when it freezes, so go big or go home and drink Crystal Light instead. Once you’ve got your wine—and get multiple bottles or a whole case because the whole summer is before you— freeze it in a 13×9 tray, or whatever tray you have that has the most surface area.


Why? Because the texture will be shards of ice, and it’s a pain in the ass to get out of ice cube trays as they won’t be completely solid. Whereas in the 13×9 pan, it’ll be easy to scrape out with a spatula. After six hours of freezing, Martinez said it will remind you of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, “if you get the reference.”

Somewhere in the meantime, whip up some berry simple syrup. Martinez’s recipe uses strawberries, but you could also use raspberries or cherries—they’ll just change the pink color a little. Go with whatever’s your favorite, or whatever notes you taste in the wine if you want to really overthink this. It’s a win-win. (Martinez even said you can go crazy and throw in some Aperol.)

Anyway, you’ll blend the rosé shards, simple syrup, CRUCIAL lemon juice, and a little more ice until the texture is Optimal Slush. At this point, if you’re in a rush and the chips and salsa are making you thirsty—get after it. Otherwise, go for the gold by re-freezing that slush for 30 minutes, and then blending a final second time. You’ll find that this texture is downright dreamy—or maybe that’s the booze talking.

Get the recipe: Frosé

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