Inside the Museum of Ice Cream, Where Dreams Really Do Come True

If you ever thought that ice cream deserved a brick and mortar temple for devout followers to worship in its Absolute Awesomeness, today is your day. The Museum of Ice Cream has set up shop across from The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City for the entire month of August. If you’re thinking, “What could a museum dedicated to such a wonderful part of our life contain?” —the answer starts with a swimming pool full of rainbow sprinkles (they’re made of plastic, not sugar). If you’re having trouble conceptualizing that, think plastic ball pit… but rainbow sprinkles pit.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for….SPRINKLES! (????: @shapbite)

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I could stop at the sprinkle pool, because that’s all I’ve been searching for in my life, but I feel like you guys deserve to know more. You want to find taste-altering pills that magically change sweet to sour and sour to sweet? They have you covered. Edible candy balloons with breathable helium? Of course. A see-saw that’s made out of giant ice cream scoop and a swing made out of an oversized ice cream sandwich? Duh. Basically, any too-cool-for-real-life ice cream scenario that you’ve ever dreamed of can actually be played out inside this incredible building. To top it all off (pun intended), tickets include ice cream.

Edible Helium Balloon Delight ????@mimiandchichi #museumoficecream #MOIC #icecream

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It’s the kind of place that reminds you what kind of happiness ice cream can bring, and has brought, to your life. Eight years old, sitting on a wooden picnic table, not giving a damn that your hand is sticky and covered in Rocky Road. The mosquitoes don’t matter. The heat doesn’t matter. The sprinkles that fell into your shoe don’t matter. You are radiating pure joy, and it’s all because your mom decided it was a two-scoop kind of night. The Museum of Ice Cream is the place to relive that feeling.

Sadly, the Museum of Ice Cream is sold out for the month of August, but we’re hoping more tickets and cones become available in the near future. If you managed to get tickets already, good for you. If not, meet me at the tree house in the woods behind Tommy Matheson’s house after school tomorrow, and we’ll figure out how to sneak in. I’ll bring the Chipwiches.

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