Insanely Easy 2-Step Slushies for Days When It’s Too Damn Hot

Insanely Easy 2-Step Slushies for Days When It's Too Damn Hot photo

Can the weather just chill? Seriously, it’s over 90 degrees and very humid in New York. The daytime feels exactly as muggy and hot as the nighttime, and within approximately 15 seconds of coming into contact with the open air, you’re in a full body sweat (and then sometimes you’re crammed into tight subway cars with thousands of other people also in full body sweats). Summer ~*vibes*~, you know?

Two possible solutions. Aspirational solution one: Get yourself on the next plane to the southern hemisphere and ride out the brutal summer heat in a place that’s not even experiencing summer right now because Earth is crazy like that. Real solution two: Make these unbelievably simple ices in two easy steps.

Do you have juice in your fridge? Do you have a freezer? If yes and yes, you’re good to go. If you want your slushies really quickly, pour juice into a sheet pan and put it in the freezer for about an hour until, well, frozen. When it’s set, crack and put the frozen juice into a blender. Pulse until it’s the consistency of water ice, put it in a bowl, and go to town.

If you have a little more time, pour juice into an ice cube tray and freeze, about three to four hours, then blend to make your instant water ice. A few combinations we’d try as soon as possible: pineapple and orange juice, lemonade and iced tea, or cranberry and lime juice.

If these speedy ices don’t cool you down, we don’t know what will. Hang in there.

You’re an adult, and we will not stand between you and your frosé (frozen rosé).

You have more time? That’s great—try this.

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