How to Grill Short Ribs in 10 Minutes

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While more commonly braised for hours, short ribs are equally juicy-wonderful when grilled like steak. Meaty, juicy, lick-your-fingers clean amazing. Plus, firing up the grill, throwing together a killer marinade, listening to the sizzle of the meat—these are all things preferable to sweating over the stove checking in on your all-day stew. In this simple recipe, you throw almonds, sesame seeds, red peppers, chipotle chiles, and vinegar into a food processor for a shortcut mole sauce. Get the how-to from editor in chief Adam Rapoport:

The Mari-Nation
Short ribs are a resilient cut of meat, and with that, they can handle the punch of strong flavor. The fatty marbling and beefy flavor stand up well to the spice of the simple mole, or try the Sweet Onion Marinade. Whatever rub or marinade you choose, just be sure to let the meat soak for a few minutes before laying on the grill. Need more marinade inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

Grill Work
After you prep your short ribs (and any side you’re choosing to grill, we’ve got plenty of options), make sure you have a well-cleaned and -oiled grate over a medium-hot fire. No matter how much you want to, don’t move the meat for several minutes. Let it develop that mouth-watering sear (you’ll thank us later). Rapoport recommends a beer break to battle the ennui.

When that side is charred, flip the short ribs on their sides to create that crust all around, and remove when they’ve reached your desired temperature, 130° for medium-rare, which takes 8–10 minutes.

Slice and Dice
Once the ribs are off the grill, let them sit for around five minutes to let the juices redistribute. When the time comes to cut, look for the striations of the meat and slice against them for the perfect against-the-grain texture. Be sure to test a juicy, tender, beefy bite to ensure all is in order (and because you can’t help yourself).

Get the recipe: Grilled Short Ribs With Sesame-Chipotle Mole

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