Here Are 10 Family Style Restaraunts In Rhode Island That Are So Homey You’ll Want To Stay

Rhode Island is filled with hundreds of amazing restaurants! This is so true that deciding where to go can be a complicated process. While some places might be perfect for things like late night dinner dates, and others for quick counter service, others still might be ideal for family gatherings and cozy and casual meals. Family style restaurants in particular hold a place near and dear to our hearts. Not only are they affordable, but they also tend to be the most comfortable and are the places we continue to go back to. Here are 10 amazing family style restaurants in Rhode Island.

Wright’s Farm Restaurant is a Rhode Island family tradition for so many reasons! Not only do they serve family style chicken that’s to die for, they also have amazing desserts.
Gregg’s Restaurant is almost every Rhode Islander’s go to for Sunday dinners with the family. Enjoy amazing specials, delicious cakes, and so much more at their several locations across the state.
Chelo’s is found at a few different locations in state and is known for their consistently delicious food at affordable prices and comfortable atmosphere. The chowder is definitely highly recommended.
If you’re looking for a great family friendly restaurant in Johnston, look no further! Emmily’s Family Style Restaurant boasts a wonderful menu and has some of the friendliest waitstaff around.
Broaster House is a classic choice for family dining in Woonsocket and also serves family style chicken dinners.

If you’re looking to dine somewhere with the entire extended family, Village Haven is a great choice in North Smithfield. Plus, there are simply too many great menu items to choose from.
Savini’s is yet another great family style option found in Woonsocket.
Through serving such amazing food and remaining family owned and operated, Twin Oaks has become a Rhode Island legacy over the years. If you haven’t visited them in Cranston yet, be sure you do soon!
Found in Warwick just next to the Warwick Mall is this wonderful pizzeria and italian restaurant. This is the perfect place to book for a large party, or bring the family for an amazing meal.
This family owned restaurant is a one of a kind and wonderful place to enjoy a meal. You can find Chester’s on Putnam Pike in Harmony.

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