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5 Homemade Snacks, Because You Need More Snacks photo

Sometimes we just need a nosh to take the edge off of their hunger, to tide ourselves over until dinner, or sure—to procrastinate doing any more work. We have a myriad of recipes for chicken breast and last-minute sugar cravings, but when you need something faster and snackier, resist those vending machine delicacies and save your quarters while making a snack instead. We’ve got 5 ideas, from a 15-minute pizza to chocolate-dipped potato chips and emergency tater tots. Has a snack every *actually* ruined an appetite? We don’t think so. Watch and learn:

Super Easy Palmier Cookies
There’s a reason these delicate cookies are heart-shaped: they taste like love, with a sugar crunch. Chocolatey, irresistible love.


Homemade Mozzarella Sticks (with Ridiculously Good Breading)
Get the king of pub-grub in your very own kitchen, crowned with a panko breading crunch (beer sold separately).


Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips
Salty-sweet nirvana. Why should pretzels have all the fun?


15-Minute Pan Pizza
Certain pizza places promise delivery in 30 minutes; we clock in at half that. With twice the cheesy, gooey flavor.


How to Make Tater Tots Better Than Your Favorite Diner
With a crunchy crust and seasoned starchy center, these babies will have you hoarding the bowl.

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