10 More Mom & Pop Restaurants In Kentucky That Serve Mouthwatering Meals

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all important meals throughout the day. It doesn’t get better than those good ole’ Mom & Pop restaurants in Kentucky, excluding cooking at home. There is something about dining at a family owned or family like atmosphere that makes food taste even tastier.

Here are 10 Mom & Pop restaurants in Kentucky that have mouthwatering food:

10. Lahas, Hodgenville

9. France’s Diner, Hazard

8. Bucky Bees, Munfordville

7. Welch’s Restaurant , Carrollton

6. Little Town & Country, Bedford

5. Cloud’s Country Cooking, Harrodsburg

4. Memaw’s Café, Hickman

3. Mammy’s Kitchen, Bardstown

2. Barbara Lee’s, Louisville

1. Paula’s Hot Biscuit, Hodgenville

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