Super Simple Oyster Mushroom Recipe (vegan)

Hi there, So today, I’m showing you a super simple oyster mushroom recipe which is a great “meat” replacement. You will need: Fresh oyster mushrooms Fresh …



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  • In case this not clear here, I wanted to clarify that I've drastically cut down this video (because watching something fry for minutes at a time is as exciting as watching paint dry). So, please be sure to cook hemolytic mushrooms – such as oyster mushrooms – on medium(-high) heat for at least 15-20 minutes or until temperatures have exceeded 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though oyster mushrooms have shown to have many health benefits, they also contain a heat-unstable hemolytic protein called "ostreolysin" that CAN be toxic if not heated up past a certain degree (in this case 140 F). Also, you want to give the heat enough time to soften the cell-walls of your mushroom and to give them a nice brown color; otherwise, it'll feel like you're chewing on cartilages… and nobody wants that. : )


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