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With the Walking Dead Season starting soon we wanted to share a recipe that nourishes and supports that all import zombie food source, human brains! Follow …



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  • Happy Sunday! I made this dish today as planned. Eating some now…I LOVE IT! Each recipe that I’ve made contains ingredients that I have never eaten before so it’s all new tastes to get accustomed to. I instantly loved the chickpea curry. The tofu sauce took a little getting used to but I am now hooked. The fesenjoon has a unique flavor as well. It’s interesting how these dishes taste better and better with each serving. I have not had tempeh before. Our local grocery store has an organic section and I got the last package available. I purchase the pomegranate juice from Aldi. It was $3.99 for 1 liter. For ingredients it says: Pomegranate juice from concentrate (100% pure pomegranate juice). Wasn’t sure if there is a better version. There were no added sugars. I also purchased organic pearled barley. I have leftovers (which is another thing I love about your recipes). Do you store the barley and fesenjoon separately? And do you have a suggestion for reheating the barley? Thank you again! I posted about this recipe on FB today and put this link in the comments. I hope others discover you too!

  • Although this cannot be called Fesenjoon since it comes nothing close to it, ( I'm Persian) it still is a really good original Vegan "Fesenjoon inspired" recipe that deserves a thumbs up 🙂 Great Video, great channel, good job!


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