10 Healthy And Fast Breakfast Ideas

In the morning, after getting up, you quickly get ready for work and storm out through the door without breakfast. Maybe you get some cookies from the bakery. Or, maybe you are one of those who eat pancakes and eggs with sausages or other fried meat for breakfast?

Unfortunately, sometimes we do not have time for breakfast, nor we have many healthy options. The biggest problem is going to work without breakfast, which means that you start the day with an empty stomach. When you go to work in the morning, the sugar level in the blood is extremely low. The result is that you need urgent sugar fix which is usually a donut, a muffin or something else, also unhealthy.

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It would be best to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast in peace at a break. But not everyone is able to extract this much-needed time. That’s why we bring you 10 fabulous meals, which you can eat even while driving, walking or chasing through the office door to a new meeting.

Oatmeal, blueberries and almonds

This might be the perfect breakfast. Real oatmeal are perhaps the best choice, but if you do not have them, those instant will also serve (they do not have as much fibers but other ingredients compensate that). You can also add a little cinnamon and honey if you use real oatmeal. This food is full with fibers, proteins and healthy fats, and prepared in just a few minutes. And, it’s very tasty.

Greek yogurt chips

For this delicious meal you need the following: oats, almonds, coconut, chia seeds and blueberries. Pour the thick Greek yogurt over this mixture. Let it stand for at least one night in the fridge, but if you store it in a hermetically sealed box, you will have a breakfast for a few days.

Muffins with cherries

Eggs, oil, sugar, vanilla sugar, flour and lemon peel are ingredients for tasty muffins, but they will get a particular flavor with a cherry. If you wrap those in a plastic foil, you can take them with you to work. Instead of coffee you can also drink low-fat chocolate milk along with the muffins.

Sweet rolls with white chocolate and cranberries

Knead the dough with cranberries and cinnamon and place in a plastic foil to rise all night. When you get up, fold the dough into rolls and bake it for about 30 minutes. After that, pour over some melted white chocolate. Is there a sweeter and tastier breakfast?

Interesting casseroles

The recipe is simple: you can put what ever you have in the fridge. So, bacon or sausage, eggs, cheese, spinach, potatoes, mushrooms or onions. The mixture should be baked in the oven, and satisfy the senses of hungriest people. Vegetables will give you the necessary proteins, and meat is here for better taste or if you are not a big fan of vegetables.

French toast with apple and cinnamon

You can prepare this delicious and quick breakfast the night before, especially if you have guests for breakfast. So, in the evening, soak the toast into scrambled eggs and put it on a baking sheet and into a baking dish. Sprinkle it with some cinnamon and arrange apple slices. Beyond that, put the foil and bake in the morning until they are yellowish.

Morning burrito

If you want real protein breakfast, this is an excellent choice. In the evening, cook eggs and divide them into 5 tortillas. Beyond that put some cheese, diced tomato, and even chili sauce, if you like it spicy. Roll the tortillas and place them in a zipper bag or aluminum foil, and refrigerate. The next morning, reheat them slightly in the microwave and breakfast is ready!

healthy-456808_960_720Fruit delight

This delicious breakfast can often be found in bars and restaurants. However, it is much more favorable option to create one by yourself. It takes a fruit sauce, which you can cook by yourself, almonds, a glass bowl and some yogurt. At the bottom of the bowl put fruit sauce, almonds and pour over that some thick yoghurt. Besides being tasty and healthy, it looks great!


Tofu is a food healthier than eggs, and you can add onion, pepper, various vegetables, soy sauce, maybe a little garlic, black pepper and a little olive oil. In addition, eat integral toast. It is fast and delicious.

Vegetarian pizza

If you need a little “stronger” meal, that should not be greasy grill. Instead, choose healthy vegetarian pizza (of course – a small piece is enough).

You see, it is easy to eat fast but yet helathy. Don’t forget the most important thing – a breakfast is what gives you strenght to survive the day, don’t avoid it.

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Monica Nichols is a 32-year-old fashion designer and freelance writer from Omaha, Nebraska. She’s been writing for since 2014, and in her free time she likes making pottery and playing with her pet cat.

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